Preview of week 3: The politics of white resentment
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This week on Flyover, we'll try to understand how white resentment continues to shape our politics and our communities.
Week Two
Flyover: The myth of a 'bootstraps' America
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The fabled American dream suggests that grit, determination and hard work are all it takes to be successful in this country.

But there's one other little thing you need for this bootstraps theory to work out: money.

This week on Flyover, we hear about your experiences living in a world that assumes a bootstraps-focused meritocracy is the reality, not just the myth it appears to be.

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Flyover: What is the 'real' America?
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Politicians often portray "real America" as some nostalgic, heartland-rooted, mythical place that is somehow more genuine than the coasts or the cities of this country.

The phrase is loaded with race, class and identity, but most of the common definitions for "real America" focus on working-class white people.

Many of those who called into Flyover's live broadcast or shared their thoughts online agreed: the "real America" is broad, and it includes all of us.

This week, we knock down the myths of "Real America" and discuss the values that tie us together as a nation.

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Introducing Flyover from MPR News
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Starting Sunday, September 10, Flyover from MPR News provides a platform for listeners across the country to be heard, to contribute to the dialogue and help us all broaden our understanding of one another and bridge the divides we face as a nation.