Special episode: America grapples with the pervasiveness of sexual harassment
0:00 | 50:57
As the wave of allegations over sexual misconduct in politics, entertainment, media and music continue, Americans are confronting tough questions about power, gender and identity.

This show will examine what we're learning about the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in everyday life and whether the #MeToo moment can usher in lasting change.
Flyover: Lessons learned from 12 turbulent weeks
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This week on Flyover, we hear some of the most thoughtful calls we've received in the last 12 weeks from listeners across the country. People responded in droves to our conversations about some of the most urgent issues of our day and shared honest experiences about guns, race, religion, health care and much more.

Host Kerri Miller asks Jose Santos, an anthropologist and assistant professor at Metropolitan State University, to analyze what we've heard and what it says about American identity today.
Flyover: Can America bridge its racial divide?
0:00 | 52:01
This week on Flyover, we discuss how we can have meaningful conversations about one of the nation's most polarizing issues: race.

"Bias" and "privilege" are mentioned a lot in American discourse, but when is the last time you had an in-depth discussion with a person of another race?

Our guests were Verna Myers, an attorney, consultant and author; and Texas Woman's University associate professor Brigitte Vittrup.

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Flyover: How do military veterans fit into American identity?
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Support for our troops is a common refrain during campaign season and after a national crisis. But how often do Americans think about vets on the days in between?

This week on Flyover, as we reflect on Veteran's Day weekend, we're talking about where veterans fit into America's national identity.

This week's guests were WUNC military reporter Jay Price and Melissa Bryant, a former Army captain and Iraq veteran who's currently the director of political and intergovernmental affairs for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

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Flyover: How do immigrants fit into the 'American Dream?'
0:00 | 51:49
President Trump's stance on immigration is one of the messages that appealed to many voters in last year's presidential election.

But one year out from the election there's a lot we still don't know about his platform: Will there be a wall along our border with Mexico? Are Trump's immigration bans legal?

This week on Flyover, we're asking if America's immigration system is one of our greatest strengths weaknesses.

This week's guests were Michel Marizco, Frontera's Desk senior editor at KJZZ; Efren Perez, associate professor at Vanderbilt University; and Tony Suarez, Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

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Flyover: Is American identity shaped by the view from abroad?
0:00 | 52:02
President Trump won his office on the promise to always put "America First," enticing the many people who have personally experienced the downsides of globalization to support him.

But not all Americans were keen on pulling back our influence on the global community.

This week on Flyover, we're talking about how America -- and Americans -- are seen abroad. Does it matter how other nations look at America? Is our identity at home at all shaped by the gaze from abroad?

This week's guests were John Radsan, a Mitchell Hamline School of Law professor, and David Kong, director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Southern California.

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Flyover: How can we get everyone necessary health care?
0:00 | 51:56
Every American needs it. Every American uses it. And yet, our nation remains undecided on whether health care is a right or a privilege. We'll start this week's Flyover on that topic.

Our guests were Iowa Public Radio reporter and host Clay Masters; Vivian Ho, director of Rice University's Center for Health and Biosciences; and Sally Pipes, president, CEO and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy at the Pacific Research Institute.

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Flyover: American faith and the rise of the 'nones'
0:00 | 52:05
Fewer and fewer Americans are identifying with a particular faith background. Why is this? This week on Flyover, we talk religion. Our guests were Brian McLarin, theologian and author, and Jenan Mohajir, Leadership Curriculum Consultant at Interfaith Youth Core and a founding board member at Heart Women and Girls.

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Flyover: Let's talk gun control, again
0:00 | 52:06
This week on Flyover, a conversation about the division between Americans who count gun ownership as a fundamental freedom and those who feel that there should be more rules around who has the right to exercise that freedom. Our guests were Brian Levin, director of California State University-San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism; and Jaclyn Schildkraut, assistant professor of public justice at the State University of New York at Oswego. Read more on MPRnews.org
Flyover: What's the American job worth?
0:00 | 51:54
We're talking jobs this week on Flyover. Specifically, tax breaks and other government incentives given to private companies to bring jobs to your communities. Is that a good deal for you? Is this the way to a stronger economy?

Our guests were Wisconsin Public Radio reporter Shawn Johnson; Matthew Mitchell, director of George Mason University's "Project for the Study of American Capitalism"; and William "Sandy" Darity, public policy professor at Duke University.

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Flyover: The politics of white resentment
0:00 | 51:56
In conversations about things like affirmative action, immigration reform, or the very phrase "Black Lives Matter," it's easy for white Americans to start to feel like they're losing something when someone else gains.

Recent polls show that during the Obama years, whites perceived anti-white discrimination to be on the rise in the U.S., which plays into the notion that racism is a zero-sum game that one side must be losing if another side is gaining.

This week on Flyover, we try to understand how white resentment continues to shape our politics and our communities.

Our guests were political reporter Jason Rosenbaum; Carol Anderson, Emory University professor and author; and Victor Chen, VCU assistant professor and author.

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Week Two
Flyover: The myth of a 'bootstraps' America
0:00 | 52:53
The fabled American dream suggests that grit, determination and hard work are all it takes to be successful in this country.

But there's one other little thing you need for this bootstraps theory to work out: money.

This week on Flyover, we hear about your experiences living in a world that assumes a bootstraps-focused meritocracy is the reality, not just the myth it appears to be.

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Flyover: What is the 'real' America?
0:00 | 51:56
Politicians often portray "real America" as some nostalgic, heartland-rooted, mythical place that is somehow more genuine than the coasts or the cities of this country.

The phrase is loaded with race, class and identity, but most of the common definitions for "real America" focus on working-class white people.

Many of those who called into Flyover's live broadcast or shared their thoughts online agreed: the "real America" is broad, and it includes all of us.

This week, we knock down the myths of "Real America" and discuss the values that tie us together as a nation.

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Introducing Flyover from MPR News
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Starting Sunday, September 10, Flyover from MPR News provides a platform for listeners across the country to be heard, to contribute to the dialogue and help us all broaden our understanding of one another and bridge the divides we face as a nation.